April 13th, 2005

Made it. Listening for Strange Attractors.

Made it to the folk's place; if I owe you email it'll have to wait 'til tonight.

My Dad at least *knows* he doesn't hear people, and takes responsiblity for it. My Mom, OTOH, always hears exactly what she wanted to, regardless of what words actually came out of your mouth, and she's absolutely sincere in her self-righteousness that you couldn't possibly have actually said whatever you actually said. This has gotten to the level of being an extended-family joke; say "So-and-so listens like Arlene" and everyone knows exactly what you mean. And will check your forehead for brick-prints.

I seem to be running into that a lot lately. Is it becoming more common, or am I becoming a strange attractor?

Me, I'm a Talmudist listener; whatever you say, I'll have sixteen questions about it, most of which will probably strike you as so glaringly obvious that I *must* be an idiot to be asking them. On my side of things, it seems the idiot-simple questions are the ones that produce the best and most basic thoughts, if you're willing to treat 'em seriously. But to most people, having to work the brain all the time is an unwelcome pain in the ass, and so with these people I'm as popular as a boss asking for "voluntary" unpaid overtime.

I'm getting the start of an idea for how to run the next two years; I'll write that up after I'm caught up on email.