April 15th, 2005

Microcosm seeks Macrocosm; Object, Continuity.

martak has done such a good job of chronicalling his recent trip he inspires me to do the same. Or similar; his trip involved lots of physical travelling; mine involves a lot of human experience in the course of travelling from room to room in my parent's house. Which I'll cut to spare the pristine bandwidth of your friends' page. Collapse )

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At the folk's place. Having a bad case of lassitude. Okay, need to do lots of major dramatic things to change my own life, let alone the world -- how does it start *here*? What actions might I be able to take, and why aren't I taking them right now?

And knowing that my Mom always has lots for anyone to do, most of it absolutely purposeless, and that little with purpose dedicated to her own convenience. Ah, well, I'll go buy film for the video camera.