April 17th, 2005

Party's over

So my folks had a good time at their golden anniversary. This is good. I got to talk with my brother and cousin, and one or two other nice folks. Not bad.

Got talking I want to do with my dad and bnymph, but my Mom won't leave us alone. And it's her house; I can't exactly make her leave.

Thinking about how being in Highland Park has me still caught in the divorce shit, as I'm going bankrupt trying to live there and ex won't pay child support, and the last time I went to court I faced a bought-and-paid-for judge. Either go to court or don't, those are my only choices.

I see my lawyer on Tuesday. I don't like *him*, either; the question is whether it's worth paying a new lawyer for the day it'd take him to read up on my case just to file a simple motion. Aaargh.

Back to NJ tomorrow. See anybody there then; if you're not there and I owe you email I might be able to get to it tonight if I don't sleep.