April 19th, 2005

Living in the Now. *AND* the future. *AND* the past.

So I just sent a really massive letter to my son, my father, my brother, and my semi-sort of-adopted sister. And then I read the comics.

www.herdthinners.com, in case you don't already follow them. A furry family-of-choice, which happens to mimic the classic nuclear family, but I suspect a strategy of protective coloration. Daughter Lindesfarne is graduating high school and getting ready to go off to college.

Zack, my son, has one year left of high school. He and I are discussing what to do about this -- finish it here? Move, and if so where to? Find a way to exam out of the need to spend another year exercizing sitzfleisch rather than brains in classrooms? Just go to work? What?

And I need to get to work writing out my ideas before my brain explodes. And I need to figure out how to make sure Gabe (the twelve-year old ballet dancer) is taken adequate care of while I'm doing it. And how to deal with his mother while making sure that happens.

Go soak my head and clean the house, first. Any thoughts or comments are more than welcome.

(no subject)

Feeling at loose ends, called folks for moral support, got bawled out instead. Not sure for what; felt more like "I feel like bawling someone out and you're handy!" Feh.

Can Opener? I thought *you* had the Can Opener!

Feeling really spectacularly down. kellev dropped by for a while, which was nice, but since my unwarranted bawling-out at ten AM I've gotten precisely nothing done. I'm in danger of self-medicating via large bowls of pasta, which would make me feel momentarily better but have a bad effect on the waistline and hence on my overall health.

So as to spark more cheerful thoughts, a question for the audience: You, me, and a hundred other people have just landed on Mars. What is that one little infuriating thing we left at home and forgot?

(no subject)

Still feeling really down from that 10am bawling out. Brain says it's unreasonable to feel that way, and reminds me that Dad really means well by me; Emotions say "Yeah. So? It hurts." Tried lying down as if to sleep; felt furious. Not *at* Dad, particularly; just generic rage. Not at all useful.

Any recommendations for some nice crap fiction to read? I got "Wizardry COmpiled" from Baen Free Library, which is fun. But I've read it already.