April 21st, 2005

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I've got a lot on my mind I'll try to put into a longer post, but talking it out with someone would be useful, first. I'm insomniac; it's now 5:15 EDT and I'm up for the day. Is anyone else, and would you mind phone contact?



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Okay, so it's biochemical depression. I've got a doctor's appointment for a week from 35 minutes ago to get some meds for it. Take care of the biochemical first and then I have a better shot at taking care of the rest.

Took meds for head; body wants to sleep and I shouldn't let it do so. Now to figure out how to stay awake. Maybe Zack would like to see a movie.

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So what do I want tomorrow to be like?

I'll get up early and go exercise. Find something easy on knees, this time.
I'll shower, get dressed, and have breakfast.
I'll get the oil changed in the car.
I'll do laundry.
I'll write something.
I'll take Gabe to dance class.
I'll go to shul.

That's all.

That's what I want to *do*; but what do I want the day to be *like*? Happy and fun would be good; not sure if I can get my bloodstream to agree to it, though.