April 22nd, 2005

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Up at 2am again. Five hours sleep; should be enough. Following my Dad's idea of not using the computer in bed, so I'm sitting at my 1x2 foot desk.

Zack tried to motivate me to do some housekeeping last night; I appreciate his efforts, but another current symptom is IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and it's hard to work consistenly when you're running for the john every five minutes.

Cleaning It All Up And Getting Organized is a big project; I'll discuss it with him when he gets up.

Gabe was supposed to come over yesterday to work on his Dance Resume with me. He postponed it, but was courteous enough to call and tell me so; then showed up late anyway and was bored and uninterested. So I let him go without pushing the point.

I'll try going back to bed shortly; if it doesn't work, I'll try to clean something up.

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Just read the National Organization for Men website. It doesn't *look* like a National Organizaton for Men; it looks like three writers out to pimp their books.

So if there *was* an NOM, what would/should it look like? Collapse )

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Ran across an interesting definition of passion: "Strong emotion that stands in opposition to the corrupt world." What are your thoughts on it?

My own: The world *can* be corrupt, but is not *always* corrupt. Passion can exist in the absence of opposition. It is an expansive feeling. I'm not yet sure what the relationship is between passion and desire -- are they the same thing? Different views of the same thing? Is there a causal relationship between them?

Hmm. More thought on that: Desire leads to wanting to *do* something; you want to *satisfy* your desire. Passion can exist even when I'm already satisfied. Contentment can exist within passion; with desire, contentment is what comes afterwards.

Are there other terms I'm missing that also fit in this framework?

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Okay, I'm doing all right for having been up since 2am. But now I have to keep going and make a day out of it. Shower and get dressed, next; then take car out for an oil change.

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For a depression day it's not going too badly. I'm awake and I got the oil changed. Still a feeling of Foreboding Doom, and I'm trying to read my way through the Programmer's Stone and I still have laundry to do and stuff to write. And a lunch in there someplace.