April 25th, 2005

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So I'm lying here in bed, reading LJ and re-reading a novel, more or less killing time, like I've been doing for three days now. It's time to myself.

I'm going to need to rebuild me. There are two different approaches that might work; one is to be the New Me in toto for as long as I can, and then revert back to rest-state until I'm recovered enough to do it again. The other is to build the New Me up one habit at a time, piece by piece. It's possible I can combine the two approaches.

Reading Stones

Been reading "The Programmer's Stone," (www.reciprocality.org) at the recommendation of acheron_hades, and while it has some good things to say about programming habits, the authors also fall into an easy trap. The "Us vs. Them" trap. Split all of humanity into two piles, We're the Good Guys, and They're the Bad Guys. I don't buy it.
I'm willing to accept that there are Mapper and Packer ways of thinking, but I suspect most people can use both methods, and that further there are (depending on which way you choose to group things) either many, many subsets within these two supergroups, or many other ways of thinking that deserve their own labels.