April 26th, 2005

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Gabe got a part as Scaramouche in Harlequinade. Good, although more driving and waiting for me.

I started writing a history of my life since my marriage, as a tool to help me figure out how I got here, and hence what to do next. I think the splitting headache I'm dealing with is coincidental, not a causal result. But I could be wrong.


So my Dad would like me to see a shrink. I don't mind the idea; advice *can* be useful, and if it isn't I know how to decline it. But Dad doesn't have a failure condition. I asked him "Under what circumstances would you decide that shrinks aren't the right solution to this problem" and he had no answer.

Okay, I emailed *him* about it; let's see if I get an answer this time.

(no subject)

So I'm reading Third Age, and my headache has, over the span of two chapters, finally gone away. I think this ties into something that I've been trying to do for about four decades now. I'm also waiting in cringing anticipation for the author to do something profoundly stupid, because I've read similar books before and the usual pattern is to start out well and then jump off a cliff into complete mystic hogwash. I do hope to be wrong, though.

Steve claims that this is a rewrite of the Programmer's Stone. It seems very different to me. Drawn from the same general pool, perhaps.