May 7th, 2005

(no subject)

Watched Gabe's performance last night. The kid's good. Its also interesting that the stage at the State Theatre is big enough for 45 ballet dancers to be leaping about at once without hitting each other. *Big* stage. Gabe and Candice and I had dinner together, which was pleasant.

So I have laundry to do, two lawyers to write to, other housework to do, and letters to write to my father and both my sons. And it's Saturday morning and I feel like a mollusc. Martin asked some interesting questions in response to my last post; implied was if I were to stimulate the depressed state deliberately, would I learn enough about what triggers it to be able to figure out how to interrupt the process? I'm not sure; have to think about that one.

I went out to get bagels for breakfast, and ended up walking with several Orthodox families on their way to Shul. It's a pleasant and workable way they use to remind themselves of what they're here in life for. I no longer share that part of their faith, but a similar equivalent would be quite useful.