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Appointed God.
So I'm now webmaster for the local PTO. What do parents want? What do teachers and students want, for that matter? And how many of them would know how to find it on the web anyway? And how do I teach them? And how do I get the site popular enough to show up on Google? Right now not even the official school website shows up.

Meme of Bob
I got this from Dolmena, who got it from elorie and scheherezade... who got it from R. A. Heinlein

Bold the ones you know you can do because you've done them, italicize the ones you think you could do with a reasonable amount of competence. A human being should be able to:Collapse )

(no subject)
So I'm sitting here cruising LJ and answering email. Why aren't I doing more useful stuff?

Well, okay, part of the reason I'm sitting here is that it's about 100F outside and I've only got A/C in the one room.