June 15th, 2005

(no subject)

Feeling very out-of-touch with the Universe today. Partly the result of bad attempt at conversation with Zack last night; partly from having to deal with the DMV in Trenton again.

On the positive side, ran across a very good article on Alternet.org; http://www.alternet.org/story/22196/ . Finally a cop admitting to the pressures to be a gestapoid bully.

I think I'll probably waste some time (reading fun but not very useful stuff) 'til I take Gabe to his dance class, deal with the DMV tomorrow. Unless you've got a better suggestion.

Talking with Parents

Hi, folks. As near as I can tell, all men in my family with the possible sole exception of my younger son are Aspies.

I was having a conversation with my Mom on the phone this morning, about coming to visit them this summer. I was trying to bring up the problems my older son has in dealing with her, and her response was "Oh, of course. He's an aspie."

I was furious. My take: This is a marvelous way for her to disclaim any responsibilities for her own actions; if Zack has a problem with her, it *must* be because HE's an aspie, not that there could possibly be anything wrong with *her* behavior.

My Dad, who only heard her side of the conversation, disagreed. He thought she was mentioning Aspergers' as a way of indicating that she *did* understand what was going on. My take on his take: When I was a kid, he told me explicitly and repeatedly that whatever Mom did or said was Right, as far as he was concerned, and the policy is still in effect.

Am I being hotheaded and looking for offense, or is my Mom being offensive and I'm reacting reasonably?