June 22nd, 2005

(no subject)

Okay, I haven't been doing as well as I'd like on "write first, *then* read." So there haven't been many updates here.

Today's Gabe's last day of dance class for the year. Next Tuesday starts the rehersals for "the Wiz" that a local group is doing and he's participating in. I need to go visit them tomorrow morning to set up relations so that I can do more volunteer work with 'em when I get back from LA.

That's the second part; Zack and I are going to LA for a week or two with my parents. I'll then come back to NJ to shepherd Gabe, Zack will take a road-trip with our friend Caro up the Pacific coast.

My Dad sent me a letter, which I may well repost here, telling me in some detail why he thinks I should see a shrink. I think it's rather a dead issue, in that I don't mind seeing shrinks, but I don't think *he's* at all clear on why *he* wants me to see a shrink. THere's a more subtle issue wrapped up in here, which I may try to get at after lunch, but I don't have the concentration to tackle it right this minute.