July 2nd, 2005

Not a bad day

I'm really pooped, though. Probably due to getting to bed around 1am last night and gettin up at 5. Went for an hour's walk with Zack, about 500 foot elevation gain. Found a new trail that I'll probably explore tomorrow AM when I get up at oh-dark-silly again. Haven't been hiking in rattlesnake country in ages, and I'd like to identify the black rodent we saw. Also saw a jackrabbit.

Then went to the Museum of Jurassic Technology, which is seriously weird. And seriously under-lit, too; I couldn't *see* a lot of the exhibits. Zack thought they were trying to hide the shabbiness of the decor; my own theory is they were trying for the Goth look and seriously overshot. The Microscope Art exhibit was neat, as was the Kirchner exhibit.

Thoughtful post next chance I get; too many ideas floating around unresolved. Night, all.