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Let's see if I understand the logic of this...
Ah, Kansas again...


The legislature won't follow the will of the courts, so the courts will punish the children until the legislature complies.

How about suspending pay for legislators, instead? Or mandating immediate new elections, disqualifying any current office-holders from running?

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First, correct the confusion: It wasn't *my* dad I was talking about as needing a good kick in the balls the other day; it was the dad of a bunch of ill-behaved brats at a hotel who had been attacking a friend of mine. And, as noted, my apology for not hitting my Mom thirty years ago was just venting.

I've got a big thought brewing, and I reasonably suspect that different audiences will misinterpret different parts of it and so discussion will get interesting. And I have to get ready to catch a plane at 6am Tuesday. So I'll go work on that. More later.