July 8th, 2005

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The closer I get to *really understanding* something, the more likely I am to go off on a perfectly plausible but exactly *wrong* rant. I went to LA and discovered I will never get what I need from my parents, and reconciled to that; I come back to the disappointment about Gabe's play, and I can reconcile these two things and make something sensible about them, and instead I know that I'm likely to take two unrelated data points and reinvent phlogiston chemistry. (A worthless 19th-century quack science, for those of you who don't follow such things.) *After* I do that, I'll come out with a marvelous synthesis of what I've just learned, but after giving voice to a major brain-fart no one will listen.

Why is it important that someone listen?

What if...

...an alpha-geek friend approached you with an offer to go time travelling? The main catch: It's emigration; there's no way to come back.

Under what circumstances would you accept, and what questions or caveats would you have?