July 10th, 2005

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Went to Game Night last night; contact with people was Good. Pummeled on Caine for a while, who is a muscle-knot in search of a human. Found out from Skyler that NJ is about to institute registration for massage therapists, and if I want to get my old NC registration grandfathered in I'll have to hustle. It'd be nice, but I won't know if it's worth the expense 'til I get some more details.

So with the added energy I got from last night, on to the serious thinking. Subjects: Fear, agression, lies (intro courtesy of E), People as Memes, the declining state of Amerikkka Today, Aspergers' Syndrome and the political similarities of its treatment with that of ADD a decade ago, intentional community, fundamental utility of language and how that relates to localized community, raising my kids, and how to pick up my life and move on after the legal raping I got in the divorce, giving the experience its emotional due without being consumed by it and obsessing on it.

Oh, and I have to get laundry done today, too. And write a letter to my landlady, who has sprung a rent increase on me without notice.

But first -- walk the dog, shower, get dressed, all those little mundania of life. And then keep y'all posted before I go off to the discussion group this afternoon.

Busy is *so* much better than Depressed.


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