July 14th, 2005

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Got my brain back. Had an interesting discussion with Caro over the idea of running an inverse corporate structure: Managers are the new guys, the inexperienced tyros at the bottom of the status pole. They're looking to get promoted into Engineering. This creates the risk that we'll have a tyro representing us in powerful negotiations, but this risk can be handled by having the whole company very much more aware of the feet-on-the-ground reality than the Other Side in the negotiations. They might win something on paper due to our negotiatior's lack of experience, but they'd be likely to find their fancy negotiating points useless on the ground.

Not sure that was in English; Caro and I were speaking Engineer while we were discussing it, and a lot of that dialect is non-verbal.

Now that I *have* my brain back, I need to open it up, look at all the loose bits inside, and reorganize 'em. Anyone up for a peek in my skull? Got a good question to start with?

I've got the emotional energy to get started without yez, but it's also literally oh-dark-30, and I don't have my body-override-control on line enough to keep going with out some sleep, even though I didn't do anything today.

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Today I deal with the landlady at 8am, then the divorce attorney, then the bankruptcy attorney, and then probably fall over. Let's see if I can do so in the form of a long, hard ride rather than actually falling over; it'd be more productive that way.

Gabe is here, and I'll drag him out of bed shortly. He is *not* a morning person.

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Whoo, mess up a filter and see what kind of fun you get into!

I notice that when I'm trying to express my thoughts I don't consider I'm done until the questions stop. I had to do about six or seven responses to comments on my last post before I caught up with things, and that *all* came to me as a single activity. Which is why it's 2pm, I haven't written my support letter yet, and I haven't had lunch yet.

Need to do homework on Aardvark before I go to the Open House tonight.