July 16th, 2005

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Been doing a lot of thinking and I've got it about half written up; as soon as I have it coherent I'll put it here so y'all can take a swing at it.

Question for the morning: What are your most basic and fundamental values? What do you think a value is?

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Another issue to think about, triggered by some folks posting about their objection to "spoilers" about the Harry Potter movie:

Do you think you have a right to be shielded from seeing or hearing things you don't want to see or hear?

If you do *to any degree*, how does that conflict with the right of others to self-expression?

This ties in to the classic question of whether a woman is "asking" for sexual attention if she dresses in a certain fashion. We can't measure the woman's intentions; our data on them can only come from asking her, plus whatever measures we can take to assure ourselves of her truthfulness. So maybe she intends to excite sexual attention and maybe she doesn't. How do we tell?

My own thought is that commenting and asking questions are always appropriate responses. As I've been slapped for both paying attention and *not* paying attention, I don't think there's a generally accepted default societal value. I'm fine with that; I just wish people'd stop assuming that a.) there is one, and b.) it magically coincides with whatever it would be convenient for them to believe today.

Your thoughts?


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