July 17th, 2005

A Grey Morning, and Continuing Discussion

Dog wanted out early this morning, so we went. At that hour, it's tough to tell if the skies are grey because the sun isn't up yet, or because there's that much water up there.

It's the water. Hasn't come down yet, but most of the walk I was hearing the low rumbling of distant thunder.

Which means if I'm going to get my regular exercise, I'd better do so *fast* after I'm done posting this, or it'll end up being a swim instead of a bike ride.

Our discussion here yesterday touched on a lot of subjects; I think it'd be best for us to explore some of these tangents before regrouping them into a single summary subject. The center of yesterday's discussion was "What does "Public" mean, and what is it for?"

Some of the tangents we ran into are "What is rape?", "What are Rights?", "What is the distinction between Rights and Propriety?", "What does it mean to be human in a community?", with the corrolary questions of "What is a Community?" and "What does it mean to be human?"; "What is there to life beyond the laws of government?", "What is emotional maturity?", "To what extent is maturity, emotional or otherwise, a good thing?", "What is privilege?", "Which is more important, consent or self-expression?", with corrolary discussion on how 'importance' is not a single-value scale; "What recourse do we have if our rights (or, in a separate case, proprieties) are violated?", "What is attention, and how is it expressed?" "What is bullying?", "What is consent?", and "How do we create and enforce boundaries?"

Wide-ranging bunch, aren't you?

So to re-state yesterday's topic and try for the more general case, the definition of appropriate behavior varies with context, and we need to set up our human custom so that contexts may vary. Since we're a very mobile species, we also have to create communications protocols that allow for informing people of what context they have just entered, and who or what is in control of the context.

Since each of us *is* a context, this is going to get sticky. But we can shower, afterwards.

And if I don't get on that bike promptly, my shower is going to be while I'm clothed, which is not how I prefer it to happen.




So, what about rape?

What is rape?

What should be the appropriate consequence for it?

How should it be handled on a societal basis?

How do we differentiate between criminal rape and issues of propriety?


From the crashing lack of response to my last post, either I'm doing it wrong or I wore all youze guys out yesterday. Or you're still asleep.

What motivates you to participate in a discussion? For that matter, what motivates you at all? Why not spend life lying in bed waiting for something to come in and happen to you?

Rape and Snow

I'm not ignoring anyone; I just got so much content in response to the last post that it'll take me a while to clear it. So here it is, 90F in July and I'm snowed under.

Still listening, though.