July 18th, 2005


My thanks to all who contributed so volubly to the "rape" thread; I should get time to summarize everything tomorrow.

In the meantime, I need to unpack a storage area, clean a house, sort out gear and equipment for Pennsic, respond to two other trips I'm taking before then that need RSVPs (W. Va. PolyCamp and BaitCon, and anyone who wants to carpool for either please get in touch with me), and make medical and dental appointments. And it's being so sticky and humid here I was drenched in sweat from walking an elderly arthritic wolfhound around the block. When the dog doesn't *want* to go for a walk, you *know* it's nasty outside.

I was surprised that a couple of people in response to the "motivation" thread said they didn't have any and didn't want it; they *want* to lie around in their beds waiting for the world to come to them and do something. I've never seen the world do that, myself, at least since about age 14.

Does anyone have a good story about the world coming to them with something fascinating and interesting that it wanted them to do?