July 20th, 2005

Generating *questions* is easy. So is generating answers. But generating *right* answers...

Body's up and working; brain seems to object to getting started this morning. So, let me find a nice, rhetorical question to get started on:

Is the American Bar Association primarily responsible for the horrid state of public American discourse today? By biasing the legal process in every way they can that makes it more likely for a lawyer to get paid, have they (intentionally or not) created the environmental precursors for the Bush-league "Yer wit' me or agin' me" levels of character assasination and complete disregard for truth?

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So I'm coping with the second day of this headache, and it's being a nuisance. I suspect some of the cause of being psychosomatic, but unfortunately that doesn't make it not *real*, just tells me where it's coming from.

Is anyone interested in crafting an act of massive silliness?