July 24th, 2005

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Up after three hours sleep after gryl0's birthday party. Much to do today, tho' I won't bother y'all with the list unless someone asks for it.

*Must* have full-time employment immediately if not sooner; will do review work today, start on-line search this evening, and pounding literal pavement Monday. Any suggestions or hints for novel styles or types of work I might not otherwise think to look for are welcome.

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Posted this to the Allergies group; thought I'd post it here, too.

Hi, folks. I have a wolfhound. I've just discovered my Hoover Elite vacuum, while it has dander-proof bags, won't pick up wolfhound hair -- it's too long for the rollers, or something.

Does anyone have recommendations for a vacuum that'll pick up longer dog-hair?



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I'm feeling really gyro-toppled by the rules-lawyers responses. Need to get to doing productive stuff anyway, though.
Positive news: Got a job lead off a local email list.
Other positive news: Worked out a local-maximum quasi-ideal situation, involving one for-pay and one volunteer job. Now have to *get* those two jobs, though.

And then about grad school...