July 27th, 2005

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Feeling very detached today. Only timely thing on the agenda is my noon interview; as long as I'm There in a Suit with a Resume on time, that's okay. But I don't have a People to help hold my context, and so I'm simply a rootless wanderer looking for bucks. What is important to me? Why?

As near as I understand my Dad's attitude, Making It in the bizworld is the only thing that counts; having a purpose in life, or happiness, or anything else, is Just A Hobby. And the method of thought he uses to arrive at these conclusions is much like a net; a collection of holes held together by string.

I *had* a coherent worldview that explained most of it. I *know* I left it around here *some*place. Now where?

(no subject)

So even with the AC on, I'm lying here with both dogs and we're all just flaked out. Of course, that might be because I just walked 'em, separately, in the 95F heat and 90% humidity. Walking 'em together doesn't work; it becomes a macrame project. Or an interesting public bondage exercise.

Got the job. Yay. Can't do both jobs; the other one would want me to work 'til 9am, and this one wants me to start at 8am. Oh, well. Might be able to flex that, later; I'll keep 'em in line if I can. The one I got they told me explicitly they were going to keep the search open for the job I was taking because they want and expect that I'll build myself a better and more skilled job with them. If it also happens to be a bit more flexible, then I can go load trucks for UPS before starting work at the office.

Good response to my last post, folks, although I think a couple of people need a hosing down with a seltzer bottle. Chill out, folks; there's no need to build a worst-case strawman to respond to. Amidst the sturm and drang were a number of very good ideas, which I've taken to heart and will use in my correspondence with Zack.

Kennel is confirmed; all ready for BaitCon. Pennsic, however, is hosed; I'll need to work. PolyCamp is still up in the air; I could make it for Saturday and Sunday, but not for the previous three days as I'd been hoping. I'll have to decide if it's worth driving 800 miles for two days camping with friends. Camping with friends is *nice*, and I'd love to see Phyllis and Jerry for a while, but is it *that* nice? I seem to be getting lazy in my old age; I remember having driven 800 miles to take a friend out for breakfast a dozen or so years ago.

If I was to get inspired at cooking, how many people would want to come over to my place for some feasting? Regardless of whether that's feasible, what kind of feasting do you like?


Joel. Thinking about heavily-cardamomed curry.