July 29th, 2005

(no subject)

Been up for a few hours, might as well write something. Wrote two responses to Zack this morning. So many implicit assumptions, and I'm accustomed to trying to make 'em all *ex*plicit so they can be dealt with. I have a lot of my own subjects I'd like to talk about with him, too, but I also don't want to bury him under a pile of topics. So I'm keeping my patience.

If anyone here wants to take a swing at one, what is Family and why do you as an individual want one?

Today I have to take the dogs to the kennel, pack and load the car, and drive up to baitcon, where I'll have my computer for as long as my battery lasts but I doubt there'll be net access.

(no subject)

Feeling dissociated today. Been up since 2am, but not quite as per usual; kept briefly dozing off and waking up again. Thinking a lot about Zack, and separately about Gabe, and about how to measure one's culture. If something's really wrong, how do I tell? For that matter, if something's really *right*, how do I tell *that*?

And get the laundry done while I'm doing it. Mustn't forget the laundry.