August 6th, 2005

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Taking a nap didn't work; went to sleep and stayed there 'til about 1am. Then up 'til about 4, then more sleep 'til now, about sixish. Didn't get anything "useful" done, but a fair amount of the kind of thinking usually thought of as 'subconscious'.

My last post on 'To Do' lists got a couple of very good responses; thank you. I tend to see them as 'How To Perform Successful Surgery On A Dead Horse', which may be oppositional defiance on my part, or it may be the truth that I'm working on a more fundamental change. Limiting my list to what I'm sure I can do would restore situational integrity to the list, true. Building my emotional energy so that I get more things done would also restore situational integrity to the list, without reducing my output. Which response neatly dodges what I *am* doing, but I don't know how to say that in consensus English yet.

What I'm *going to do* today is pay all my bills, update my own books, check on my hat at the cleaners, write my Statement of Purpose, and check with Elaine as to whether the pool party I'm going to take Gabe to is today or tomorrow. If today, we go, and I clean house and do laundry tomorrow; if not, I clean house and do laundry today and we go tomorrow. And I need to replace my bike, which got stolen from in front of my house. It *was* locked; I still have the cut lock. Good lock, too.

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Type "(your name) is", with the quotes, into a Google search, then pick out your favorite ten responses. Post your responses.

Beverly Healthcare - Joel is everyone's little reading buddy
The Village of Kiryas Joel is in the Town of Monroe
The Book of Joel is the second work in the collection of the Minor Prophets known
Why do so many people think Joel is an expert on Microsoft?

Supposed to do ten, but after four pages and only coming up with this kind of mediocre stuff, i gave it up.