August 7th, 2005

On having parents, and being one

So I'm really pissed at my Dad. (And I'm *not* putting this on the No Kids filter, even though if Zack discusses it with Murray right away it'll make my life *really* uncomfortable. Please exercise restraint if you read this, Zack.) Turns out I'm pissed at him for not living up to the standards he taught me, many years ago. But, a second thought: What if those standards were wrong? Or, more accurately, incomplete? You teach a five-year-old what a five-year-old can learn. It so happens that as a five-year -old I was capable of retaining a lot more than Dad thought I was (which I need to investigate as a possible component of Asperger's).

But getting things straight with my Dad takes about fourth place, after getting my life re-started, caring for my sons, and getting a career started.

Made a lot of progress on my Statement of Purpose while taking Gabe to Elaine's party, but didn't finish it. Gabe asked to stay overnight; with help from Elaine managed to make that work. Got some good help on the SoF from Diane, a new friend who's an assistant prof at Drexel. SoF first thing tomorrow, probably about 2am.

Had a lovely couple of hours with Dvd, who is not feeling well. I hope I cheered him up as much as he helped me.