August 8th, 2005

(no subject)

Got an excellent response from Tig I'd like to continue conversation on, but I'm at work with a headache and trying to act like an animate person, which is a difficult impersonation under the circumstances. Got most of the laundry done; still one load to fold and put away.

In my spare conscious minutes this morning I was reading the retainer agreement from my attorney, which is a mistake; I either sign it or I don't, and at this point I need to sign it. So I need to stop fiddling with it, sign it, and fax it to him.

Bearing Tig's advice in mind, it's okay to make a standard list, but I should be able to pare it down to "And these are the ones that get done NOW" within a few minutes. And then do them.

Sign agreement and fax to lawyer.
Finish SoP for Walden
Go through Walden's requirements and see what else I need to do, and figure out when I can do it.
Buy a new bike
Call vet re bones
Call RU re job
Call Eden re volunteering
Pay bills
Clean kitchen
Clean up all car-related paperwork issues (old parking tickets and such; get insurance quotes.)

Now for a few minutes of staring into space and pretending I'm working, and then to sort the above and schedule it.