August 10th, 2005

(no subject)

Slept in 'til 3:17am; good for me! Then tried thinking about sex for a while; gave that up around 6, got up and walked the dog.

Three thoughts to reconcile:

1.) Each of us humans has basic needs, and if these are met we cannot function. So we devise a Society to help us meet those needs, whereupon, functioning, we can support that society.

2.) We need to deal with the world the way it actually is, and that means being an adult *means* being self-reliant, because the society referenced in #1 isn't good enough at recognizing and meeting local needs on a timely basis. If *I* am responsible for my kid, and my kid is going hungry, it's *my* decision whether I have to break societal custom by stealing food to feed my kid. Society then may of course shoot me for stealing, but that decision gets to take into account whether society will catch me, and if so whether it has the resolve to follow its structure rather than its sense. (I think this is a subset of the programming axiom 'every decision that must be made should be made at the lowest possible level at which it *can* be made,' but I'm not sure.)

3.) We're software entities, not hardware entities. Code, not chips. As we get better at neurosurgery this will become more apparent.

I think there's a Great Truth I'm fishing for at the intersection of these three statements, but I don't yet have enough brain on-line to prove it, and I don't have the luxury of quitting my peon job to sit and think about it. Yet.

And I still have to shower, eat, get dressed, and get to that peon job in an hour, so my time babbling with y'all is limited.

Zack, if you read this post, please post a response to it *immediately*, so I can test the workability of LJ as a communications medium. What, if anything, you *say* is entirely optional.