August 13th, 2005

(no subject)

Gabe is with me since last night, yay! When he gets up, we get to go swimming at PhiltheBald's house.

I had an unfortunate dose of politics when I got up this morning; I need to get better at filtering that out of my life except when I'm prepped and ready for it. I see a need for a site that pulls together all the arguments and evidence against the current gang of criminals and thugs in power, and *also* against the secondary party, which I see as being complicit. Regretfully, I'm a bit over-occupied at the moment.

More immediately, I need a good way to deal with the rage that gets triggered by me when I'm exposed to such injustice. Getting physically overheated and banging on my head doesn't accomplish anything useful. Anger can be useful emotional energy just as steam can be useful physical energy, but only if either can be *applied.* Un-applied anger simply rots into rage; un-applied steam can cause boiler explosions. Not good.

My hope is to bring my laptop with me and respond to Anita's thoughts from Wednesday from poolside. If I'm lucky, I'll be having too good a time to do that, and have to put it off 'til this evening. I need more practice at having a good time.