August 27th, 2005

Head successfully removed from arse; now working on shoulders.

Got the letter to the landlady written; have to get all the grad school stuff done by Monday. Had a productive meeting with Sam on Friday about doing the weekend workshop in October; I expect to commit to that on Tuesday, which is very good. Followed by lunch with Dvd, which was also very good.

Got delivery on a pocket trumpet for Gabe, which had him floating on clouds; all hail the wonders of Ebay. It was twice as expensive as his $12 trombone. This is not going to be a quiet household. I've already got a violin and a classical guitar, and I'm going to insist on demonstrated proficiency before adding to the instrument pile, though he has already decided that clarinet will be next. My sister and brother-in-law are both clarinetists; maybe they've got a spare lying around. And piccolo trumpet will be after that. Now if I could only afford a tuba for myself... Saw one of Tommy Johnson's horns for sale; a six-valve F concert horn. Gorgeous, and worth every penny of the (guessing) $7K bid minimum. To someone who happens to have a spare three quarter of a million pennies lying around.

Oh, and I got the UPS job; I start a week from Tuesday, which is ideal. At 4am, which is good. Now if I get either the Rutgers or Eden jobs, I'm momentarily stable financially.

Woot woot,