August 31st, 2005

Part Two of whoknowshowmany

So Princeton *might* work, and we'll go see. If they don't, I get a graveyard shift job and take Gabe in to SAB as I've been doing the last four years, and go to court to get his mom to pay child support, as I was planning on doing anyway. If they *do* work, his mom will offer to play parent-taxi, do it for a month, and then punt on it, which will mean either Gabe quitting his career or me driving all over hell and gone for eight months; the "Princeton" school has campuses in Princeton, Cranford, and New Brunswick, and Gabe would be taking classes in all three on different nights at different times.

So yeah, I'm kinda pissed about all that. I intend to have a good time with Gabe this morning anyway; I'll see about putting down the fury before he gets here.

After that, I call Sam and talk with him about the Men's Weekend in October. The money is a major commitment, but the ego investment is a much more important consideration -- I don't have much left to go around. (I think I need to write a post to some of the kink groups about being a 'service-oriented Dominant'.) I'm working through the idea of Inward versus Other-Directed, and trying to see at what level the value judgement gets made. This may lead to all sorts of interesting thinking about value structures and how we build, re-build, and implement them, which may turn into my Master's thesis. But I don't have to do that *today*. Good.

Another punt-and-continue.

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Okay. Now I have 'til tomorrow morning to leave for W. Va. Pack and go, that's it. And come back with Zack and start a new year. Whee.

Food first. Then move papers. Then pack.

I'll be taking Gabe to SAB. Need to write an email to him explaining what a career is and why he wants one. Don't need to do it today.