September 1st, 2005

(no subject)

Five AM; been up for about three hours. Just waiting for Gabe to come pick Bones up and I'm out of here.

Had a nice dinner with a friend last night who's welcome to name herself here if she wishes to.

Head hurts. This trip is a good and necessary thing; the timing is bad re: gas prices, and my landlady *may* be about to make trouble, but there isn't going to be a better time. So why does my head hurt?

Because I'm reliant on my Dad for necessary living support, and I don't trust him. I had *thought* he still identified with his Geek side, and the right thing to do would have been to say "Hey, here's my problem," describe it to him, and solicit his help. I tried that in June, which is what got my support cut off in August. So that's not a winning proposition.

I'm back in good graces right now, so I have support. How long will that last? If I've learned the proper behavior, possibly up through the end of my degree. But I'd better have the Institute set up and fundable before I graduate; Dad doesn't care about transitions.

About four hours before Gabe shows up. Then eight hours on the road.