September 6th, 2005

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Had a good time with Phyllis, though hampered by tummy trouble on my part; a good drive back with Zack, and a good first night at work. It's been busy.

I have to chew hard on the metaphorical bullet on dealing with my lawyer; he's putting things off by blaming me for not submitting a paper that I'd sent to him two months ago and he'd lost. So I'll shut up, fill out a new one, and send it in, because it's the quickest way to get things done. Aargh.

Much aarghiness this morning; need to get rid of it and get a move on.

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So I'll call my aunt and see if talking with a real live human can help me become productive; since last entry I've been doing nothing but using LJ as a time sink, which it's good at.

Real live humans with spare minutes for conversation seem to be very hard to come by in the morning. Like they were working, or something.