September 11th, 2005

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Okay, first hour of work in, cleaning up after the contractor in the dining room. Pulled up a decent-sized bucket full of nails, splinters, and chunks of plaster, to save to present to the landlady when she tries to tell me Jerome actually did clean up after himself.

I don't like to live that way. I'd rather have a friend for a landlady, and help her with the problems of building ownership with which she is admittedly unfamiliar. But all it takes is one person to make it a game of hardball, and I have no intention of being taken advantage of again.

Time to write to the boys, and then wake 'em up and feed 'em.

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Thinking about calling my parents for some moral support. Noodging the kids to work is very stressful; I don't want to get suckered into the old run-to-mommy game. And of course the reaction I'm afraid of *from* my folks is "Oh, maybe that money we're giving you to help out is being wasted and we should stop."

Aargh. Lots of writing to do, should stop noodling here and do it.

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Went on a bikeride with Gabe, then took Zack to see the Brothers Grim, which I think I'd have to see again to be able to adequately describe. Good enough that I do intend to see it again.

Brain fried, not from the movie. I've got a short I need to rewire around, right now it seems to be grounding through my brainstem.