September 13th, 2005

Life is Good! Ow!

Up at 2am with splitting headache. Took pain meds; they're not working yet. Had a good trip into NYC with Gabe for his dance class yesterday. Class was moved to the State Theatre because the teacher was performing; I read while he took class, then we went back to the school cafeteria for dinner, and chatted with Isa at the next table, who works with the NY Film Club, who put on the NY Film Festival, among other things. She had her two daughters with her, who were amusingly precocious. After dinner Gabe and I went uptown to Steps, another dance school, to consult their Audition Book and see what parts are available. (Seems so obvious; I wonder why SAB doesn't have one?)The Trocks are hiring again, and Gabe wants to dance with them. I think that's a great goal, but succeeding at it will take work and planning. Their style of humor is physically expressed but intellectually based, for which reason they usually end up recruiting older, more sophisticated dancers. Gabe is very talented, but he's still twelve.

More discussion when we got home over whose house he lives at; need to continue with that issue today. He wants to use his Mom's as home, but spend pretty much all his *time* with me. I'm personally fine with that, in theory, except by legal definition that gives her full residential custody, since lawyers only care about where the kid sleeps. The legal issue is *not* Gabe's problem; I have to figure out how to deal with it. Fast.

Edit, 4am: I think the headache is pinched nerve in shoulder caused by carrying laptop case while riding bicycle to train station and back. Stretching neck seems to help a bit, but I'm about to go spend four hours loading a truck. And calling in sick on the second day of Real Work is not a good idea, so I'm going to suck it up and go work. And *my* laptop isn't even working. What a switch: The Mac is frozen and Gabe's old Windows machine is working fine (that's what I'm typing on now.)

This will be the second morning in a row I've punted on bicycling to work. Need to get to it; I've decided I want to get in *good* shape, and shedding about thirty pounds is going to be a part of that. With this body, exercise is vital.