September 16th, 2005

(no subject)

Went to bed at 9; got up at about 2; accomplished nothing until now (3:15am). In 45 minutes I have to throw some clothes on and go to work. I probably could've done the CIS in that time; why didn't I?

More exploring of my navel when I get back from loading trucks.

(no subject)

So I'm keeping most of my daily records here, now, because my laptop is misbehaving. Maybe this'll also help me get a better handle on the Galloping To-Do List Problem, where the list becomes a catalogue of *everything it would be useful for me to do*, rather than *what I intend to get done Today.*

Time to start planning next week. PolyMunch in the City on Thursday; I'd tried to get one together for NJ for yesterday and got an astonishing show of lack of enthusiasm. Maybe I should do what I did with the New York group; start announcing it and showing up myself for a few years and see if the idea catches on.

Off to be busy, now.