September 18th, 2005

(no subject)

I have a lot of women on my friends' list; possibly due to many years of practice loving women. I notice, though, that over the last few days many of them have posted about their romantic (as contrasted with sex) lives, and what I read of them looking for love is generally internally inconsistent and/or otherwise unworkable. I don't think this is a sex-biased phenomenon; I'm sure many men do it too. My immediate question: Is it simply over-represented on my list, or do I select for women with unrealistic expectations? Of course, a reasonable follow-up question would be how could I expect you, my reader, to have an informed opinion; the answer is that I don't. And you've never failed me; any time I want an uninformed opinion I'm sure to get it, along with the sage advice, informed opinions, and probing questions I have more use for. As well as the occasional meatloaf.

I'm up on my day off only slightly later than my usual time, and today seems to be starting productively. Collapse )

And so, to work!