September 25th, 2005

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Had a good day yesterday with the boys; refurnished the living room and saw Corpse Bride, which was good.

Still have 'way too much on my plate; need to order and prioritize. Collapse )

And I know I'll spend a fair chunk of the day reading "junk", i.e. nonprofessional stuff I read for my own amusement, which is currently S. M. Sterling. But it feels *good*, and I need more feeling-good. Reading a book is feeling-good I can do by myself and reliably. Other feeling-goods would be better, if I was sure I could do them. But I'm not, so I'll read a book.

Afraid I'll crash

Title says it. Yesterday was a good and productive day; I'm worried that I'll crash and burn today. Can't really afford that.

I can get up and go buy bagels for breakfast. Anyone want some?

Visceral distractions

Immense temptation to go get ice cream, which I need like a hole in the head. Perhaps I should take the shinai down to the park and hope the tai ch'i class is there today, though Sunday isn't a usual day for them.

I've got a great set of ideas for things to do that result in fruition five and ten years from now; it's hard to keep that in a context of "What am I going to do *right now*?" Much easier to think about a Bischoff's banana split.