September 26th, 2005

Politics intrudes, as it usually does

Brad Hicks posted about the US becoming a banana republic: .

Does anyone have corroborating information, or clues as to what to do about it?

As near as I can tell, to make any progress against the NeoConNazis, we need to split the moderate republicans away from them and have the moderates lead the charge. This *might* be enough to get, say, John McCain to declare war on the fascist fringe of his own party -- *if* we can provide adequate backup to support such a decision.

What do we need? What would constitute adequate proof that the booshies are using Blackwater as a private army, and to what illegal purposes are they using it? And what proof can we gather that they are doing so?

Committing acts of war against the United States on US territory is the clearest case of treason I can think of. How can we best persuade the moderate republicans, the old banker-in-wire-rimmed-glasses types, that they don't want to be party to it?

(no subject)

So I go to work and I take Gabe to his dance class. But I need to do useful things with mornings, and I'm not doing so. I need to do something different; I need to figure out *what* to do differently.

Go straight home, shower and change is a good first step. This morning I stopped off at the market to buy dog food and bread, and then came home and read more SM Sterling. Running an errand is okay *after* I've got the habit set, but I need to set the habit, first. Go home, shower, and change. Then Do Something Useful. Have the Usefulness planned out, too.

I should also figure out when I'm eating, and what meal it is. Am I doing a meal-and-three-snacks plan? Two meals? Three? I don't think I need three, at this point. MS3 sounds like a good approach; a 4am nibble, a 9am nibble, a noonish nibble, and Dinner With Family. Plus you, if you're in the neighborhood.

Zack made salmon and bokchoy udon last night; rather messy prep but excellent food. Like most soups, we ended up with far more than we could eat, so we now have frozen soup available. Right now I'll grab some quick pasta, and that shower-and-change.


So, about prioritizing:

I've been a project manager; it's not at all impossible that I know everything there is to know about making lists, organizing them, selecting A Thing To Do, and arranging for it to be done, whether by me or someone else. This doesn't address the issue I'm trying to reach. The issue is *related* to clinical depression, in that depression is also a state in which you can know exactly what you want to do but be unable to do it. Related, but not the same.

This morning, I got nothing done. I had things I wanted to do; I had the time and resources to do them, and I have not the foggiest clue why I didn't do them. No, that's not true; I *do* have a foggy clue. But that's about it.

My foggy clue is that I spent my time reading escapist fiction. I could fantasize about having control in my life that I don't feel I have in my real and actual life.

And there's a lot more here, but I'm being scatterbrained, so I'll throw this out now where folks can comment on it before I wander off on another tangent.