September 30th, 2005

(no subject)

So now my landlady would rather evict me than dicker over how much to reduce my rent for September for her incompetence in leaving the place a half-finished construction site for a month. And I'm faced with two questions:

1.) Which battles do I want to fight and which do I want to give up on simply to keep life easier, and

2.) How much of these problems are caused by my not being enough of a hard-ass in the first place, and thus creating the impression I'm an easy target to push around? Rephrased, how would I go about being and presenting myself so that in a situation like this the landlady's reaction would be "Hmm. Don't want to get *HIM* angry."

The other option is that having her lawyer send a nasty letter *is* her idea of negotiating. And mine is on vacation, so I'm going to have to wait a while to get a legal opinion. I'll officially put off doing anything about this 'til I'm back and stable on Wednesday, but I think to preserve my own rights I have to respond to her letter by then, pointing out that it's illegal and invalid.

Being reasonably productive today, at least. And ready to do my weekend thing starting 8pm tonight, and apparently running through noon on Monday, which means I can't do the volunteer orientation at Eden 'til next month, but they do run one every month. Nuisance rather than catastrophe.

I've got exactly half an hour before I go get Gabe. Wonder what good I can do in that time?