October 4th, 2005

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Okay; 12:20am is *too* early to get up; I'll have to go grab some more sleep. First, a Collapse )

I also have to start Full Productivity today; no Farting Around. Be Up and Busy from 4am through 9pm, then fall down and *sleep*. Today, I get bonus time because Gabe's on the sick list, but that's unlikely to continue.

Edit: Important enough to add even at 1am when I have to be up and working by 4am: Keep the Home Functional. If it's here, it's here to work, and it should work, so get the router, the files, and the videocam and cameras to full function *immediately*. even if I lose sleep doing so. Get everything with Zack running the same way. Make my own plans so they're not reliant on Zack or Gabe, even though Zack is a proto-adult and I'm trying to treat him like one. /Edit

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Looks like I'm not getting back to bed before work.

thespeaker posted a bit on sex offender lists and the lack of honesty of cops; if there are any honest cops reading this, please introduce yourselves. I know *I* live in a police state, and the cops here are *not* honest, and have long since ceased even pretending to be, except when in court, where they pretend very nicely.

And I need to keep my competency standards up for my classes which start NOW. I'm doing an orientation class in another browser window, which I'll continue after work. I need to keep up to date, and I'll need to keep both electronic and paper copies of everything I do.

And another part of those standards are keeping the house liveable. And having shit in the living room is *not* liveable, so Zack will need to learn to keep Bones cleaned up after or the dog will have to go.

Two more hours before I leave for work; what else constructive can I do before then?

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So it's 2:45am, and I'm doing classwork, and LJing with people, and dealing with Our Dog, who may have to get put down soon if Zack can't handle keeping shit off the rug.

And I'm worried about my ability to keep up the pace. How much downtime do I need, and what will happen if I short myself on it? And how do I tell?

Edit: Got a brief nap; two surreal dreams. Another nap possible; then work./Edit


Joel. Worrying about worrying.

Is Life under control, yet?

So Zack is writing me an email, which I appreciate; it'll give me something to respond to. And it's erev Rosh HaShana, and he's religion resistant, *and* I've got a friend who's celebrating leaving for a job contract in Hawai'i for three months, so we'll go out to dinner with my friend instead of having the traditional big meal at home.

And I slept three hours this afternoon, so I should be well-rested enough to stay up after we get home and do a week's worth of my psych classes. And then go to the warehouse at 4am and work. It all works out, really it does.

I have things to hand in to all of my lawyers tomorrow, but I have them to hand in or can get them tomorrow. So everything's nominally under control. I think.

The imp at the back of my mind is wondering what I'm forgetting; possible answers *do* include "nothing." We'll see.