October 5th, 2005

(no subject)

Okay, I shall now proceed to do everything, all at once.


Okay, I didn't *think* that was going to happen.

I guess I'll go back to the old method of tackling one item on the list at a time and getting something concrete and measurable done. Like setting up the fax machine...


Joel. Who's not sure what he wants, but cleaning up old messes is rarely as much fun as making new ones.

(no subject)

Horrible awful do-nothing day. Had boys over, which was good; now that I think about it, I cleaned up about a third of my bedroom, which was also good. But I didn't get as far as hooking up the fax machine.

I'm now doing my homework, which is good. Searching webliographies is much more of a snipe-hunt than library work used to be; the first dozen pages one finds tend to be pages with dozens or hundreds of links on them, most of which link to yet other index pages. Similar to taking that paper library, un-binding all the books, and piling all the loose pages on the floor. Indexes over here; summaries over *there*... now what were you looking for, again?

If things go well I'll do my homework and then do the fax machine and then fax stuff to my Dad. THat'd be a good evening.