October 6th, 2005

(no subject)

Okay, up and about and being useful. Figured out yesterday's problem: I need to come home and do my schoolwork *first*. Student is who I am and what I'm doing right now, and I need to remind myself of that by taking action. *Then* work on the lawyerly bullshit. The lawyerly bullshit may affect my life a lot more right now, but it's not my goal.

So in an hour and a half I'll go to work, and then come back, study, do the fax machine, and do the lawyerly stuff.

Now to see if I can fit action to words.


Got the faxing done, though at Office Max rather than by getting the machine working. Need to figure out if it's worth getting it fixed, given that I can get a new one for $90. Still need two paperwork tasks done, adn finish cleaning the bedroom, and make sure I'm all caught up with my classes. Shower and food, first; then see if Gabe wants to take a trip with me to visit Great-Grandma's grave, and also get ice cream. (Hmm, *that* would be an interesting mourning custom; drop an ice cream cone on the grave every yahrzeit.)

I'm a wee bit achey; there were a lot of packages this morning. So I think I'll go take that nice hot shower.