October 14th, 2005

(no subject)

Work was okay; nobody showed up for the PolyMunch last night. Have to get on that list and rag 'em about it for a bit.

Classwork is helping; I like it. I should have the rest of the kinks out this weekend and can start excelling as of Monday. Need to talk with several people about what else I need to be studying concurrent with this to back my own research; self-programming systems probably tops the list, along with something as yet undefined in linguistics. And I need to review my data theory.

And Zack would like me to learn Lojban. Well, so would I, and I want to encourage him to learn how to ask for what he wants, so I should do it. I want to check out the local hang-gliding school for him; given the terrain here, everything will be tow flights.

Generated massive to-do list today, and so far have done none of it. I'm now ready to go *do* something, and so I will, but I need to look into how I have "down time" and what I do with it.

Anyone up for gaming tonight?


Joel. Off to buy challah and sewing supplies.