October 18th, 2005

(no subject)

Gotta change my sleep pattern, and I was just getting used to it. Need to go to bed two hours *later*, so as to spend evening time with Gabe.

Idea: run a network cable up to *his* room, or get his laptop a network card. Move an office chair to his room, so I can sit in a reasonably comfy chair while he sprawls on the bed. Do net-work and play together, but without being in bed as I currently am.

Sounds good. Now for implementation. In other work, gotta do taxes, get Gabe's bass, call lawyers and courts, and keep up with homework. More go do.

Differential Demon Extractor needed

Twenty minutes before time for work. I'm worried that I'm not getting back in gear *fast enough*; that I'm getting up to speed *just* fast enough to make me an entertaining prey animal for the petty demons that got loose. I need to craft a diagnostic for that. Measure demons, measure progress, figure out what to do about differential.

Anybody got a differential demon-extractor in their toolbox?