October 19th, 2005

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So I've got half an hour before time-to-go, and I'm remembering to post first and *then* read. Good so far.

There are three classes of thing going on in my life; Study, Clean-up, and Living Now. I can't do the trick my Dad thinks he does of simply obsessing on one 'til it's done and moving on to the rest, because each class has its own timelinesses to it. But I *can* set my own standards for how I want to do each, and then measure myself against them.

As a student, I want to spend one hour a day per class doing the class assignment, and three hours doing research on it. More here later.

I need to get and read "How We Choose To Be Happy," as homework for parenting, which is part of Living Now.

Listing to port...

So I'm feeling bouncy and I've got a lot to do.

The problem with lists: They make too good an escape mechanism. One can spend *days* organizing lists for doing things in *one day*; by the time you're done playing with the lists, the day's gone, too. Some amount of planning is good; when the planning itself takes more time than it saves, it becomes bad.

So What I Will Do Collapse )

And I'll do that while ignoring the nice juicy pile of new novels I've got.

The Flying Karamazov Brothers will be performing at the Bergen PAC on November 18th; who would like to attend? Who needs help with transportation or something, but would come if they could? Who can juggle a silk scarf, a length of logging chain, and a half gallon of french vanilla ice cream with the carton removed?


Joel. Who can do either the chain or the scarf, but not both at once, and won't even try to pick up the ice cream.