October 21st, 2005

Avoidance strategy?

Am I using LJ to avoid doing things? Probably. What can I do about it? Segue into constructive activity by talking here about what I should be doing, and then use that as a goad to go do it.

In 45 minutes I have a parent-teacher conference with Gabe's history teacher; I'd like to be able to get showered and changed before that happens, but as it's been cooler here I didn't get sweated up at work this morning and could put that off if I had to. I suspect Gabe has been doing the same "coasting A-" that marked a lot of my own school career and much of his; not doing the work, but learning the material anyway. Which can still result in failing the course, depending on how the teacher does the grading. This relates to my own current study habits, which probably merits a post of its own.

I need to do *my* homework, and get on top of my study habits. Any prurient images this creates in your imagination are not my issue, although I'm willing to work on them with you if you bring them up.

I need to call the East Brunswick court and find out when I'm supposed to come discuss my driving with them. They did send me a notice, but what I received was a small puddle of paper pulp with a court seal on it.

I need to talk with my lawyer re the possible-eviction thing; if I can get him to *do* something, this problem could go away very quickly.

I need to get the heat here running. This relates closely to the point above; since the landlady wants to convert us to gas heat, if she does so *now* I don't have to buy another tank of oil. But first we have to settle the issue of whether I continue to live here.

And I need to pick up Gabe for his dance class at 2pm, so I'd better get moving. [Fwoosh!]