October 26th, 2005

Better, now

After minimal chewing, my lawyer sent the letter he was supposed to send. Things on that issue are better now.

My men's group will be over for a meeting at 1am tonight, or call it tomorrow morning if you wish. A confrontation will occur, as I'm not happy with the way things are being run in the group. As I know of three people who are very emphatically happy with the way things are being run, the probable outcome is my quitting the group. Oh, well; excrement occureth, and if it tries to occur to me I'm going to duck.

This will give me more time to concentrate on doing my school work. I'm not sure *time* is the resource I need, but I do need something. I'll go take a swing at that now.


Joel. Who wonders how to define juggling five out of seven eggs as a success when I'm up to my ankles in omelette.