November 4th, 2005

(no subject)

Five things on my mind:

1. Doing my classwork for school. Soon as I'm done here I copy the comments in the class chatroom and figure out which ones I'm going to respond to.
2. Court on Monday. Typical speeding ticket, plus the address-change issue.
3. Visiting my new GF tonight. Have to contact kids and get weekend chores done first.
4. My Men's group. There's an all-day activity scheduled for sunday which I may have to punt on, due to having overexerted myself at work.
5. Work. It's triggering typical Aspie issues dealing with honesty and goodwill.

Lists are fun, aren't they? Having listed my concerns doesn't *solve* any of 'em, but being structured about it does make me feel better. It's interesting to me that my landlady's attempts at evicting me don't even make the list; I'm concerned about that, but it's not *immediate*.

Off to attack the list.