November 5th, 2005

Homework, and Men's Groups, and Tickets. Oh, my!

Okay, so I've still got three assignments due by 6pm tomorrow. And my men's group is doing a "twelve-hour" activity from 10am through 10pm tomorrow, and they're absolutely anal about it being twelve hours. It *had* been going to be a hike, followed by a trip to Medieval Times. Since I can't walk well at this point, I can't hike (displaced 3rd metatarsal in left foot; will see an orthopod about it as soon as I can afford one), so they're talking about doing another activity for the whole group. But two other men have cancelled also; one has a sudden funeral to attend to, and the other's wife keeps jerking him around on when he gets to visit his daughter, and suddenly he has his daughter tomorrow. And the previous group leader quit on Thursday. Leaving three. I think they're running out of group.

I see a lot of utility for a men's group. And the men in this one are good men. The hierarchal superstructure I could do without; that's what caused the last leader to quit. It's possible there's something of value to it, but the guys peddling it don't know what that is.

And I have a traffic court appearance Monday, and with all this running around tomorrow I won't have time to prepare for it. Well, the one thing the court procedure is usually good on is giving you time to employ a lawyer, so I may have to do that.

Went and visited new GF last night. Slept about 12 hours, which is not usually the use to which beds are put that contain new GF's, but as we get older our priorities change. Which doesn't explain at all why I'm so pooped right now; maybe I should go do it again. Homework first, or when I wake up at 2am? zzzzzzz